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marble supplier Milford CT

marble supplier Milford CT

Marble makes a statement of luxury. With our latest and cutting-edge designs, we always aim to satisfy even the most selective tastes. Paramount Stone is a leading marble supplier in Milford CT. We have different color options and a unique collection of superior quality natural stone.

Passion, knowledge, and professionalism have guided us over the years to innovative choices. We are keen on providing exceptional services and products. Using our project planners, you'll easily find the perfect marble for your project.

What are The Different Types of Marble?

There is an extremely long list of the types of marble as its appearance changes from one location to another and varies based on the general environment, impurities, and elements.

The type of marble also depends on the veining intensity and color. Some of the most popular marble types are calacatta, crema marfil, talathello, carrara, emperador, levadia, and nero marquina.

With such a wide array, we will help you find marble that suits your budget and style. In addition, we will transform the uniqueness of marble in different surfaces. It doesn’t matter what the grand vision for your project is, your marble supplier in Milford CT is ready with the absolute best in materials and fast turnaround time.

Why is Marble Costly?

Several factors determine how expensive marble will be. One of the key factors is availability. The rare the variety is, the costlier it is. The marble design will also add to its cost.

Thickness is another factor that comes into play. Common thicknesses include 5 cm, 3 cm, and 2 cm. As the thickness of marble increases, so does the price. The finish is another consideration. Brushed and leather finishes are more expensive compared to honed and polished finishes.

Lastly, installation is also another factor. The layout of your project determines the amount of labor and increases the cost.

Working in tandem with you allows us to offer competitively priced marble products. With our timeless and beautiful products, the possibilities are endless.  

How Do You Maintain Marble?

Marble, a natural stone, needs to be well maintained to ensure its extended longevity. During installation, marble has to be handled cautiously. That's because it's a bit fragile compared to other stones and even a small crack could mean trouble. That's why our professional installers ensure your marble doesn't have any defects and it's correctly fixed.

To clean marble surfaces, you’ll need a unique alkaline detergent meant specifically for cleaning its mineral composition. Look for detergents with protective ingredients which increase its stain resistance and support its sealer.

If you don’t have detergent, regularly wipe the surfaces with a soft dishcloth and warm water.

For All Your Marble Needs

With a huge option of patterns and colors to choose from, Paramount Stone is the only marble supplier in Milford CT you’ll need when picking marble for your project. Our expert contractors will ensure you select the best marble. All you have to do is reach out to us using our email address



marble supplier Milford CT
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