Roof Installation Foley

Roof Installation Foley

Best Material for Roof Installation in Foley

Foley has long and hot summers. If you live in Foley, you might rely on air conditioning to keep your house cool. However, this also means skyrocketing electrical bills. A practical way to cool down your room is to install metal roofing. It’s costly but it lets you save up to 40% in air conditioning—that means more savings in the long haul!

Why Consider Metal Roofing?

A metal roof is ideal for properties built in regions with warmer climates. In Foley, the weather tends to be hot year-round. For your roof installation in Foley, look for best kind of metal to ensure it will last for decades so you don’t need to change roofs often. Roof installation is one of the services we offer here at Salt Construction and we have a special team who handles metal roof installation.

A metal roof is energy efficient because it can give excellent insulation regardless of the weather. It can withstand any type of weather whether it is Foley’s summers or winters. It can reflect solar radiation much better compared to an asphalt roof. When painted with pale color, it will absorb less heat. The lighter the roof, the quicker it is when cooling the temperature. A metal roof is lightweight but it has an impressive wind resistance.

Best Metal Roofing Materials for Your Home

There are variously typed of materials used for creating a metal roof. The best materials for residential properties are galvalume steel and aluminum. Galvalume is a combination of base carbon and iron steel, aluminum, and zinc. It is resistant to corrosion and more affordable than aluminum. While aluminum can be quite expensive, it is lightweight, rust-free, and more presentable.

How to Install Metal Roofing

You will need the help of a reliable contractor for your roofing needs. If you are not fully aware of all the different accessories attached to the metal roofing, it will not be installed accordingly. There are several parts used in installing the metal roof, namely the rivets, pipe boots, fasteners, and sealants.

The contractor needs to use clips to secure the panels to the roof deck. It is attached to the standing seam part of the panel. The top part of the panel needs to be put over the clip. There are other types of accessories that can be used, depending on the kind of metal roof installed on a property.

The contractor will install an underlayment or materials under the metal panels to make it more durable. The most popular options for the underlayment are synthetic and asphalt-saturated felt. Some contractors do it manually by self-adhering a glue backing on the deck. Some contractors already have the machinery to do this.

Install Your Metal Roof with Salt Construction

Avoid the hassles of DIY roofing and let an experienced contractor handle the task. Salt Construction’s team will help you find the best material for your metal roofing needs. We are the experts when it comes to roof installation in Foley. Give us a call to know more about our services.

Roof Installation Foley
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